Data Visualisation

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Responses can be monitored as they happen, a visual representation of adoption rates and activation rates becomes available almost instantly.Those charts are visible in Reports landing page 'Status' tab.


You can also see world map that reflects your respondents distribution; given you are tracking the GPS data in your project.


In 'Visualise your data' tab - You can also visualise the collected answers for each question, for now the following question types are supported:

  • Single choice question
  • Slider question
  • Multi choice question
  • Ranking question
  • Date/Time question

To filter the data that by date, modify the from/to dates and then click 'Apply and generate chart'. You can also apply more filters to your data, by clicking 'Add more filter', this will reveal more filters:

  • Device info (Operating System name)
  • Length of Interview (LOI)
  • Entry type
  • Geo fence name (when applicable)

Once the you have set the filters, click 'Apply and generate chart'.

To clear filters click the button 'Clear and hide filters'


The title of your chart can be either the question text or its alias, you can select this from the filters. And the resultant charts can be exported, either as an image or a .csv file of the filtered and visualised data.