Audio Capture Question

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The audio capture question type allows respondents to capture a moment or record an audio of a specific event. It allows the respondent to record an audio of a set length, up to ten minutes maximum. For example, respondents can capture an audio of their first impression after tasting/trying a new product. The question text is limited to 150 characters; a counter shows the number of remaining characters available. This question requires permission to use the microphone of the device, this will work with and without headphones.

The maximum length of the audio clip is calculated in seconds, as defined in audio max length (sec). If this field is left empty, the maximum audio length defaults to the maximum allowed length of 600 seconds (ten minutes). The format returned will be .aac (from iOS devices) or .3gp (from Android devices).

By default, the question must be answered by the respondent, but you can make it optional. To do so, select optional response. The next button will be enabled as soon as the question is presented. In the XML, this option can be set via the optional_response attribute in the question tag (for single, numeric, image and slider scale question types).

In the Lumi Say dashboard, audio files can be retrieved from the reports tab; select download media files