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About Multitype question

The multitype question allows you to present three different question types on one screen in the app.

These question types are added as four different question items:

  1. Top label: info message. You can only add one and it is always displayed at the top of the screen.
  2. Numeric question: open numeric question that can be set to accept integer or decimal values. There is no limit to the number of numeric items.
  3. Boolean: Toggle switch response (yes/no). There is no limit to the number of boolean items.
  4. Bottom label: info message. You can only add one and it is always displayed below all other items.

The various options for multiple open numeric questions are described below. Once you have finished creating or editing your question, you will need to save it to continue editing your project. To do so, simply click done.

Working with question items

To add a question item click on the corresponding action Add top label, Add numeric item, Add Boolean item, Add bottom label.

To delete any item click remove (X) to the right side of the item.

You can specify a label for all items in the multitype question; this label is displayed to the left of the input for that item. Numeric items include several more customizable options, described below.

Numeric item options




Input type

The expected number type, defaults to integer



Minimum accepted answer value



Maximum accepted answer value



Default answer displayed when question is shown. If no change is made this value is submitted as the answer.


Decimal Places

Number of accepted decimal places


Optional response

Allows this item to be left with no answer


Details about the script code for multitype questions can be found here: multitype question (scripting).