Geo-location reports

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When creating a report, you can visualize triggering locations, including the Latitude and Longitude, and the name of the location. The name attribute makes it easier to filter the report based on locations. You can add any of the following metadata to your report:

GeoFenceName The name of the Geo fence
TriggerLocationLatitude The latitude of the location
TriggerLocationLongitude The longitude of the location
TriggerLocationAccuracy Accuracy of the location

To add the above meta-data to your report:

  1. In the reports view, click reports.
  2. Click create custom report.
  3. Select the appropriate meta data.
  4. Click create

You can also download a list of all trigger events for a given project.  This will include instances where a user met the trigger behavior after the maximum number of triggers was met, and no notification was displayed.  You can download the report by clicking Geo-trigger report from the Reports tab.