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About menu questions

The menu question type can be used to build menu pages inside diary surveys. Menus greatly facilitate respondent engagement, particularly for repetitive or long tasks, since they guide respondents throughout the process. The images below represent a possible use of the menu feature for a weekly media consumption diary:

Menu question structure

A menu is divided into a number of menu items, each of them pointing to different sub surveys. Every menu item can have several statuses, which can be used to control the icon, the text and the action of the menu item, as well as its visibility.

Every item of a menu (in above example each item was a day of the week) is linked to a folder, which can contain any number of questions. When the respondent selects a specific item, the app will go through the questions inside the associated folder, starting from the first question in that folder. Logic can also be inserted within the folder (with the exception that logic jumps should never point outside the folder). Once the respondent reaches the end of the folder, the data will be sent to the server and a confirmation message will be displayed within the app. The confirmation message is customizable or can be hidden (see the notes below to how to customize this message).

Menus can also be nested, for instance when the first item of a menu connects to another menu. The function gotopreviousmenu() can be used to go to the parent menu from a child menu.

The image below shows the example shown at the beginning of this section.

In the example above, M3 is the main menu that contains a menu item for each day of the week. Every menu item points to a different folder, which contains the questions for that sub-folder. For example, the first item of M3 points to folder F1, which contains an initial question (Q1) followed by a loop (F8).

Details about the script code for menu questions can be found here Menus with advanced logic.