Customizing the project’s look and feel

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Style is the second step in the creation of a project. It enables you to customise how your project will look on respondents' devices. You can define the colour scheme (by selecting a style) and the project icon. To display the styling options, at the top of the screen, click style.

On the left, there is a list of existing styles (at first, there will only be the default style in your account). These styles can be quickly applied to your projects, saving you time, and ensuring consistency between your projects. The selected style is seen by respondents on their devices when your project is live. To apply a style to your project, simply click it.

You can modify an existing style, including the default one, to create your own custom style.

Customizing a style

By clicking the colour blocks in the list of the elements on the right, you can change the colour of that element. For example, to change the colour used for the banner at the top of the screen, click the colour block for top banner colour.

To select a colour, you can click one in the colour picker. However, for more precision, you can enter a hex code.

Once you are satisfied with the colour scheme you have created, you can save it as a style. To save the theme, in name your style enter a name and click save as new.

Setting a Project Icon

To set the project icon:

  1. In the top left area of the style screen, click set.
  2. Click choose file.
  3. Select the file you wish to use as an icon. It should be sized at least 80x80 pixels.
  4. Click upload.