Working with folders

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Introduction to question folders

Question folders help you to keep your projects organized. You can use folders to organize groups of conceptually related questions together (e.g. screener questions). In addition, you can use them to vary the order in which questions are presented, as the questions within a folder can be randomized. Folders are also the basis for implementing loops.

You can drag and drop questions (or other folders) into your folders.

To open a folder, and reveal its contents, click the + icon next to it; click the - icon close the folder and hide its contents. By having more than one folder open simultanteously, you can drag and drop items from one folder to another.

Adding a new folder

To create a new folder:

  1. At the bottom of the question list, click add folder.
  2. In name, type a name for the new folder.
  3. In order, select the question order type (see below).
  4. Click add, or press ENTER on your keyboard. Your new folder is created.

There are two question order options for folders:

Option Description
Fixed Questions within this folder will be presented to the respondent in the order in which they appear in the folder.
Randomized Questions within this folder will be presented to the respondent in a randomized order.

Editing a folder's name and options

You can change the name and randomization options for a folder at any time.

To change a folder's name and randomization type:

  1. In the question list, locate the folder you want to edit, and click its name.
  2. Edit the name or order property as appropriate.
  3. Click save.

Deleting a folder

To delete a folder:

  1. Click the folder you wish to delete. Note: do not click the name, as this opens or closes the folder; click anywhere else on its row.
  2. At the top of the project list, click delete (the trash can icon).
Warning: deleting a folder also deletes all questions and sub-folders within it, so be sure that you want to remove all of these items before deleting a folder.