Project status

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The project status is a descriptive metric that is detected by the system according to the stage of the project work-flow. The status of any project is displayed in the status column of the project list.

There are four possible project statuses:

    Icon      StatusDescription
Status scripting Scripting The project is currently under scripting or review. This phase starts when a survey is created and ends when the survey is published.
Status Preview Preview The project is currently being tested by a preview group; all response entries made in this status are marked as 'Preview' in the data, and are not counted as a complete. In this phase, the project can still be modified and the changes are reflected on the mobile app in real time. Note: this status is for testing only.
Status Live Live The project is ready for respondents or testers to take part in it. If you have not already done so, you should assign respondents or testers to it, or make access to the survey available via a link. For more information, see introduction to publishing.
Status complete Completed The project has been completed, and the reports are available for viewing and export. A completed project can be published again if a second wave of the same project is needed; in such a case, the status will become live again.