The four stages of project creation

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When you create a project in Lumi Say, you need to work through four stages. These stages are displayed at the top of the screen, and the stage you are currently working in is highlighted:

Project creation stages

The stages are as follows:

Create This is the stage where you will spend the most time. This is where you define the questions in your project. For more information, see defining questions.
Style Allows you to define the look and feel of your project, by adding a project icon, and setting the colours that will be used on respondent screens. For more information, see customizing your project's look and feel.
Assign Allows you assign respondents or testers to the survey or specify that access to the survey will be available via a link. For more information, see introduction to publishing.
Publish At this stage, you issue invitations to your respondents or testers, or acquire the link that you can publicize to allow respondents to take part. For more information, see introduction to publishing.

Although these stages are presented in sequence, in practice you will likely move back and forth between them as you create and set up your project. For example, you might reach the assign stage, and while previewing (testing) the survey, realize that there are changes that need to be made to the questions (you would return to the create stage), or the appearance of the project (you would return to the style stage). You can freely switch to any stage at any time.

There are two ways to move between stages in the survey:

  • Near the top of the screen, click next (if you are on the create, style or assign stages):
    Next stage icon
    You are taken to the next stage in the sequence.
  • Near the top of the screen, click the name of the stage you want to switch to. Note that if you skip the assign stage, and go straight to publish, Lumi Say will assume that you are publishing via a link, rather than respondent lists, and you will be presented with the survey link.