Using Google Analytics with Lumi Say branded instances

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Note: Access to Google Analytics is only reserved to holders of Lumi Say branded instances. if you're using the standard Lumi Say app you won't be able to use this feature.

Set up your account

If you're a Lumi Say branded instance holder, please request your account to be activated to your Relationship Manager. Please note that you will need a Google account in order to access Google Analytics.

Once your account is set up, you will receive an email like this:

In order to proceed, simply follow the instruction and sign in. The first page you access should look like this:


App Overview

By clicking on All Mobile App Data in the previous screen the dashboard will show generic stats like:

  • New Users/Active Users sessions
  • Country of connection
  • Top Device Models


For more information please check Google Analytics Help Center here:


Analysing app screens

You can see which screens your respondents are spending most of the time by navigating to Behaviour > Screens:


The dashboard will visualise a list of screens along with some metrics (Screen Views, Unique Screen Views, Avg. Time on Screen, %Exit).


Please note that this list of screens include any screens in the app, including survey list, about, and questions. Screen are codified according to the following table:

Screen nameDescription


Login screen
survey_list Home screen
sPID.QID Question QID of the project PID
settings_menu Settings screen
about About screen
langsettings Language settings screen




Analysing respondents' behaviour

Using Google Analytics you can also check how long respondents interact with a particular project, or surveys/diaries in general. In order to visualise this data, navigate to Behaviour > App Speed:

The dashboard will visualise a list of all projects that have been tracked by Google Analytics (please note, only apps with a version higher than 2.2 will be tracking these metrics). Depending whether the project is a survey or a diary the name will be "survey ID" or "diary ID", where ID is the project ID from the Say dashboard (you can retrieve the project ID by opening the project on the Say dashboard and looking at the url on the browser, the ID is the last number)

By clicking "diary" or "survey" you can filter the list only to diary or survey projects:

If you click on a particular project, the metrics will be broken down per screen, allowing you to see where your respondents spend most of the time. The screen name format is "sPID.QID" where PID is the project ID, and QID is the question ID. You can see an example below with project 1965: