Setting choice images

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For some question types, it is possible to specify an image to be displayed beside individual choices. You can do this by clicking the image icon to the left of the choice text and choosing an image from the resource library. You can also browse your computer to upload new images. When an image has been set on a choice, you can remove it by clicking the x that is displayed in the corner of the image icon.

To display an image with your choice:

  1. Click the image icon beside the choice text.
  2. If the desired image is already in the library, click on the image in the library to display it with your choice.
  3. If the image is not in the library, you can upload it from your computer or network drive, as described below.

To upload a choice image from your computer or network drive:

  1. Click the image icon beside the choice text.
  2. Click choose file.
  3. Select the file you wish to upload.
  4. Click upload to add the image to the library.
  5. Finally, click the image to select it from the library and display it with your choice.
Note: Uploaded images should be in PNG or JPG format. They can be of any size, and will be automatically re-sized to a reasonable proportion of the device's screen. However, to ensure the best mobile experience for respondents, we recommend you use images 150 pixels wide. It is also advisable to keep images below 100Kb and icons below 10Kb to enable a quick download of the survey to respondents' devices (the larger the image, the longer it will take to download).