Setting the question image

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For many question types, it is possible to specify an image to be displayed with the question. You can do this by clicking on the image icon to the left of the question text; you can then choose an image from the resource library, or browse your computer to upload new images. When an image has been set on a question, you can remove it by clicking the x between the image icon and the question text.

To display an image with your question:

  1. Click the image icon beside the question text.
  2. If the desired image is already in the library, click on the image in the library to display it with your question.
  3. If the image is not in the library, you can upload it from your computer or network drive, as described below.

To upload a question image from your computer or network drive:

  1. Click the image icon beside the question text.
  2. Click choose file.
  3. Select the file you wish to upload.
  4. Click upload to add the image to the library.
  5. Finally, click the image to select it from the library and display it with your question.

Note: Uploaded images should be in PNG or JPG format. They can be of any size or orientation, but large images will be proportionally scaled down to 1024 pixels width or height when uploaded.  To display an entire image without zooming, we recommend an image size of 320 x 189 pixels.

In the app, question images are displayed as a preview that can span the width of the device (edge to edge), while the maximum height of the image is set as one third of the overall screen height. Image height will be cropped if it exceeds this after being scaled to fit the screen width. If an image exceeds the dimensions of the preview, a zoom icon will allow a user to explore the the full image via pinch-to-zoom. Images smaller than the height and width of this preview box will be displayed in their entirety without the need to zoom.