Photo Capture question

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Photo capture questions enable respondents to take a picture or upload an existing image from their phone library. The question text is limited to 150 characters; a counter show the number of remaining characters available.

You can set the size of the images that will be collected from respondent:

  • Small: 640 pixels, file size approximately 100KB. Recommended for projects where the response data upload needs to be kept at minimum.

  • Medium: 1280 pixels, file size approximately 400KB. Suitable for the majority of projects.

  • Large: original image size, file size depends on image size. Recommended for projects requiring high resolution images, e.g. when OCR or image recognition needs to be performed on them.

By default, the question must be answered by the respondent, but you can make it optional. To do so, select optional response. The next button will be is enabled as soon as the question is presented. In the XML, this option can be set via the optional_response attribute in the question tag (for single, numeric, image and slider scale question types).

Warning: when the photo capture question is used on Lumi Say web surveys, it becomes optional automatically after the first failed try.

Once you are satisfied with your question, click done to save your question and continue editing your project.