Open Text question

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An open text question enables the respondent to answer a question with free text, for example when you want to ask for the respondent's name or email address. The question text is limited to 300 characters; a counter indiciates the number of remaining characters available.

You can set the minimum or maximum number of characters allowed for the response (i.e. the length of the text input field) by entering the appropriate values in minimum characters and maximum characters. The text input field the respondent sees on their device will expand to accommodate the full text they enter.

If you are using the question to collect an email address, you should set input constraints to email. Any text entered by the respondent will be checked to ensure that it has the structure of a valid email address (the system cannot guarantee that the respondent entered the correct email address).

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Details about the script code for info message questions can be found here: open text question (scripting).