Translating your project

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Lumi Say allows you to create multi-lingual surveys. You can add as many languages as you like to a project, and the appropriate one is displayed to each respondent. The process is straightforward:

To add a language to your project:

  1. When your project is open, at the top of the questions list, click add translation. The translation options are displayed.
  2. In the dialog which then appears, select the desired language from the drop-down list.
  3. Click download template.  The Excel template file is downloaded to your computer.
  4. In the Excel template, enter your translations in the right-hand column (column C). When you have finished, save the file with the same file name.
  5. In Lumi Say, click choose file and select the template file (if the translation options are no longer visible, repeat step 1 above to display them).
  6. Finally, click upload. The translation preview is displayed.
  7. Click save translation. The translated text is imported into your project. Repeat the above procedure for each additional language you want to add to the project or if you want to modify existing translations.

Note: The default language is the language used in the original creation of the Project.