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Project properties

To edit the properties of your project, click the properties button at the top of the project view: 

The available properties are as follows:

Project Type The project type (indicated whether it is a survey or diary project). Survey/Diary
Name The name of your project; this is visible to the respondent in the app and on the web-survey as well. a-z, A-Z, 0-9
Description This is an optional field, allowing you to provide a short description of your project. This is visible to the respondent in the app only. a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Limited to 30 characters
Default Language The default language of the survey; this language will be used for all respondents if no other translation is provided. drop down menu of languages (defaults to English)
Allow Web Display Enables the survey to be taken on any supported browser; if this option is selected, respondents will not need to have the app or log in to take part. tick box
Track GPS Saves the GPS coordinates of the respondent when the entry was made. tick box
Auto Advance If selected, the respondent will automatically be moved on to the next question as soon as they tap an answer to a single-coded question (i.e. without the need to tap next). tick box (ticked by default)
Job Number An optional reference code that can be used to refer to the project when communicating with the Lumi Say Team (it is also the main reference for project billing). If you leave this option empty, Lumi Say will generate an automatic unique number. If you try to use a job number that has been used before, Lumi Say will warn you, but you can still proceed with it if you wish. a-z, A-Z, 0-9
Start Publish This optional field allows yout to set a starting publish date for your project. This date must be in the future. Date & Time picker
Stop Publish This optional field allows you to to set a stop publish date for your project. This date must be in the future and after the Start Publish date. Date & Time picker
Passback URL This optional field allows you to provide a URL which will be called whenever a complete is made. See a note on passback URLs for further details. URL

A note on passback URLs

The optional field can be viewed and edited in a project's properties. It must contain a valid URL. This URL will be called whenever a complete is made. This is usfeul if you want to keep track of the count of completes from an open link, rather than your dashboard (this allows you to share the number of completes without sharing the actual data). For more details on passback, see passback with values as variables.